Solutions and re-solutions for education

Invite Ann

Dr. McMahon has a distinctive ability to translate cutting edge concepts from various disciplines in science, engineering and education in an exciting and accessible way.   She has been invited to address local and national organizations where she speaks to groups of educators, parents, students, scientists, engineers, policymakers, and researchers.   She can give both presentations and workshops.

Dr. McMahon also provides educational and organizational consulting services. She specializes in helping groups create dynamic models of the systems in which they work and use them to build systemic and strategic plans for organizational growth and change. For PreK-12 educational organizations, Dr. McMahon also provides consulting that integrates the Common Core curriculum with STEM and social and emotional learning.

If you are interested in inviting Dr. McMahon to speak or teach at your event, or to consult with your organization, please e-mail her at for more information.

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